Just a Tap Away: Advanced Fund Services Make Investment through ePASSBOOK More Convenient


The world has not flattened the curve. We all stay at home to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Buying funds online has also become a financial trend for investors. To accommodate investors with new investment habits, the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) added a new function to the upgraded ePASSBOOK application for users to check their onshore fund balance. Investors widely welcomed this addition launched in March 2019. The TDCC subsequently decided to keep the momentum going by improving the value-added services of funds on ePASSBOOK. Starting on August 23 2021, the new services will consolidate users’ fund investment profiles from different fund sellers. The upgrade also works well with the existing services that help connect to users’ banks and display the data of multiple securities accounts. The integration helps investors readily see the big picture of their diverse financial portfolios while staying home and staying safe.

In recent years, many thrifty investors who look for cutting down on the custodial fees have chosen to conduct fund subscriptions and purchases through online platforms like securities firms and investment consulting firms. Behind these systems is the TDCC fund settlement platform with back-office services that ensure a highly secure and efficient processing environment for investors to carry out onshore and offshore fund transactions. Although countless people have changed the way they work and live to comply with the government’s response measures, we do not stop our steps towards digital finance transformation. To fulfill investors’ demands for fund investment information on ePASSBOOK, the TDCC gave the app access to the data in the fund settlement platform. Starting on August 23 2021, it will be convenient for investors to quickly look at their asset value and transaction information of the onshore/offshore funds subscribed and purchased from different sellers. The data are always available and just one tap away.

Other than the existing “Find Funds”, a search function that shows the basic information of onshore funds, the new batch of value-added services also incorporates the TDCC Offshore Fund Observation Post System (Fund Clear). The combination creates a synergistic benefit that helps the app provide more data such as basic information of offshore funds, as well as the latest net worth and cash dividends. Users can also follow the funds they are tracking by adding them to the portfolio they build on their own. In addition, the app can generate data to compare the net worth performance across various funds for a given period of time or calculate the future value of one single fund. These services make it easier for investors to detect the trends in fund investing. We believe that the app will be an absolutely indispensable assisting tool for investors when it comes to digital investment.

According to Sherman Lin, TDCC Chairman & CEO, ePASSBOOK now has over 2.6 million users. During the pandemic, more than 90% of new users have chosen mobile passbooks when opening their accounts. The app began to provide data of different funds that investors buy from different sellers right after it started the linkage with banks to provide the new function of checking account assets. In short, ePASSBOOK will keep launching new functions for investors to comprehensively view their data of securities, funds, and bank assets.

Haven’t signed up for TDCC ePASSBOOK? Make an application to your securities firms to get you up and running. Come join us to use the convenient and innovative digital tool! Please visit the ePASSBOOK website for more information: https://epassbook.tdcc.com.tw/