Appreciating Hard Work of the Police and Fire Departments, TDCC Donates Working Gear


To fulfill corporate social responsibilities and display the corporate spirit of charity, TDCC contributed fire equipment to Taipei City Fire Department and supplies to Taipei City Police Department to express appreciation to the police and firefighting personnel. Besides, in the hope of showing this charitable gesture, TDCC can set up an example for more businesses and citizens to provide more resources for rank-and-file police and firefighters to guard the regions of their responsibilities.

TDCC Chairman & CEO Sherman Lin recognizes the police and firefighting crews' contribution and hardship when maintaining public order and protecting citizens' lives and properties. Besides fully equipping the police and firefighters when they are on duty and during disaster relief, TDCC aims to realize the ideal of caring for the neighborhood and social participation. The company makes donations to districts and battalions in its main office jurisdiction: Taipei City Fire Department (Songshan Battalion and Nangang Battalion) and Taipei City Police Department (Songshan Police District and Nangang Police District). Donating gear and supplies and offering a grant, the company pays tribute and extends gratitude to the police and firefighting personnel.

This time, TDCC donated six battery-powered positive pressure smoke ventilators, allocated to Songshan Battalion and Nangang Battalion of Taipei City Fire Department for regular firefighting and disaster relief. These smoke ventilators employ the principle of airflow differential pressure, raising the rescue visibility inside the fire scene and reducing the density of toxic fumes. With the advantage of being rechargeable, waterproof, and portable, the machines allow the firefighting crews to approach the fire more quickly and shorten the rescue time.

According to Han-Chiang Chu, TDCC's President, it's hard for the general public to relate to the toil of the police. In addition to maintaining public order and easing traffic congestion, the police have recently supported the front line of disease prevention. Even though the duty is heavy, no complaints have been heard. To support and encourage the frontline police and remind them of duty safety and health, TDCC donated a grant of one million dollars to Songshan Police District and Nangang Police District as an incentive and gear purchasing fund. This is to let the rank-and-file police know when they are sacrificing for and making contributions to the public order and traffic in their jurisdictions, many people are helping them with their tasks.

TDCC has long been cherishing the goal of sustainable development. Through developing ESG, the company has constructed a sustainable financial ecosystem. While pursuing business development, the company is also actively devoted to social charity. TDCC has conducted a joint donation with securities and futures institutes to support medical personnel, organized the Financial Literacy for Youth program, held parent-child care events with local TFCF, sponsored after school programs and talent projects of schools in remote areas, supported archery and badminton teams of primary schools, and held blood donation events and charitable sales. TDCC shows its care for society through actions, fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, and creates a benevolent cycle in the financial ecosystem.