TDCC’s Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) Program Starts Online, Achieving the Vision of the Common Good


The 2021 Academic Year (the 7th) Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY), held by TDCC, was initiated in nine classes and nine universities in northern, central, southern, and eastern Taiwan on Sep. 25. There are 526 seniors from 45 universities participating in the program this year. The Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Dr. Tien-Mu Huang, made an online video for the opening due to disease prevention. The video was broadcast for nine classes simultaneously at the opening ceremony to encourage all the trainees.

According to Chairman Huang, academic achievement is the key for students from financially disadvantaged families to improve the economic conditions. However, most of them need to work part-time to support their families or pay for tuition and fees during the semesters, which will affect their academic achievements and future career choice. As Chairman Huang emphasized, Financial Literacy for Youth focuses on the basic training of financial talents and integrates the functions of charity and education. The program offers disadvantaged students access to “ Upturning life, Realizing Dream through Financial Literary” after graduation.

Mother Teresa once said, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” As Sherman Lin, TDCC’s Chairman and CEO pointed out, TDCC has long been implementing ESG, extending care for the youth in need to fulfill corporate social responsibilities of the financial sector. Since the 2015 Academic Year, the company has invited peripherals in finance, securities, and futures to organize “Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY).” The program has offered these disadvantaged university students a series of professional courses and training, helping them pass professional certification exams to strengthen their competitive advantages in the job market. Upon completion, job matching services enable these students to find jobs and improve their economic conditions at home. Since its launch, the program has won positive feedback from society, and the results have been impressive. TDCC, therefore, continues to organize the program in 2021.

The 2021 Academic Year (the 7th) Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) runs from September 2021 to March 2022. All the classes are scheduled on weekends, totaling 170 hours. Because of the uncertainties of the pandemic, the courses comply with disease prevention directions, and online learning is implemented as the pandemic rages. In addition, the caring organizer even provides lunch, books, handouts, stipends, and allowances for certificate exams. The purpose of this is to enable students to concentrate on their studies without distractions. Financial peripherals will cooperate closely with core universities in this new academic year to maximize the program’s pre-employment financial training. Drawing on the core profession and abundant resources in the financial sector, TDCC will cultivate the young talents in Taiwan to achieve the common good with the youth.