Following the Two-Year ReLife Project, Pension Platform Is Ready to Go Live


For nationals’ early planning for retirement, the FSC launched the ReLife Project in 2019. Until the end of this August (2021), the total monthly investment plan using dollar cost averaging method had reached NT$340 million, which means the average monthly investment of each investor is around NT$ 9,000. As this experimental project turned two-years old this August, over 90 percent of the investors are still sticking to their monthly investment. Indeed, the trend of retirement planning has been successfully created.

Following the success of the Relife Project, the launch of the Pension Platform is aimed at providing nationals with more investment options and raise younger generations’ awareness of retirement preparation. The platform sets up fundamental access to investment for retirement, and it includes four areas: knowledge, investment, insurance, and charity. While nationals can conduct dollar-cost-averaging investment on the platform, the cooperation with life insurance companies promotes life and casualty insurance products so that investors can choose the best-suited coverage.

The Pension Platform on FundRich’s website is organized by TDCC and co-organized by the SITCA, SFI, and LIA-ROC. After the launch on September 23rd, investors can choose from a total of 40 mutual funds from 21 investment trust companies. The project’s funds, befitting each retirement scheme, meet the screening criteria set by the government-industry-university sectors. In addition, investors can estimate the capital they need through the retirement calculator on the platform; a simple test also helps investors choose the most qualified funds. In addition to heightening the retirement awareness of the young, the Pension Platform has also arranged charity programs. Through the combination of investment and charity, benediction can be extended to those in need.

The Pension Platform is for sustainable operation. It adheres to the long-term promotion of the correct financial management concept and increased awareness of nationals’ retirement planning. An enjoyable retirement relies on a plan prepared as early as possible.