TDCC Wins 2021 TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award’s Corporate Sustainability Reports Award and Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award


The solemn ceremony of the 2021 TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award took place in the Grand Hotel on November 17. Having won the Corporate Sustainability Reports Award for three consecutive years, TDCC again won the Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award this year. TDCC Senior Executive Vice President Jane Chang received the awards on behalf of the company.


In 2008, TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award was established. This year, a total of 329 corporations participated in this event, and a jury of 802 members was invited, including 556 volunteers and 246 renowned experts and scholars. The evaluation principles were objectivity, fairness, impartiality, and transparency. The winning corporate reports, connecting to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, reveal aspects such as corporate governance, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Under the third party’s rigorous scrutiny, TDCC’s Corporate Sustainability Report, published in 2021, thoroughly reveals the company’s specific actions and performance of environmental sustainability, social participation, and corporate governance. The jury’s continuous recognition has undoubtedly demonstrated TDCC’s dedication to and efforts at corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

In addition, the ESG Information Platform has been the focus of TDCC this year. The company registered for the Sustainable Individual Performance Award Category and won Growth Through Innovation Leadership Award, showing the achievement of the company’s pursuit of innovation. TDCC has launched the world’s very first integrated ESG information platform initiated by CSDs, establishing the basis for two-way interaction between domestic corporations and international investors. This platform also serves as the primary support for domestic corporations’ response to the ESG trend.

According to Senior Executive Vice President Jane Chang, TDCC will be devoted to expanding the range of ESG services for issuers and domestic institutional investors to inquire about, analyze, and track the ESG performance of invested companies. This facilitates closer interaction and cooperation with related institutions of global responsible investment, creating the brilliant performance of domestic ESG investment. As domestic ESG investment becomes the new highlight of Taiwan’s capital market, Taiwan’s global image will be elevated effectively.