Constructing a benevolent environment for enjoyable aging, TDCC contributed over 25 million to 78 community care stations in Taiwan


As an aging society looms, Taiwan society needs to work together so that young and middle-aged generations can acquire the wisdom of aging, and the elderly can enjoy the process of aging. In response to the event of the Pension Platform, TDCC launched the Enjoyable Aging Donation Project, aiming to create an environment with friendly and safe services for seniors by providing resources for the community care stations around Taiwan. This year, the total amount of enjoyable aging donations reached 25.87 million. The donations went to 78 community care stations, including Lan An Cultural and Educational Foundation “Lanyu-Yuren” in Taitung County.

To offer a wider selection of investment targets and elevate younger generations’ knowledge of retirement planning, TDCC launched “Pension Platform” based on the success of “ReLife Project—Experimental Project for Self-Pension Saving Investment.” The company creates initial access to retirement investment planning with four specialized areas on the platform: knowledge, investment, insurance, and charity. The platform provides investors with financial management resources for retirement planning and the screening of funds and insurance policies ideal for retirement. In addition, incorporating charitable energy into the platform, TDCC took the lead in making donations to 78 community care stations. The company also held diversified events and digital programs for old and young integration, digital introduction, space creation, and disease prevention planning. In this way, senior citizens can lead a joyful life in the neighborhood they are familiar with.

According to Sherman Lin, Chairman & CEO of TDCC, seniors, with profound life experience and wisdom, are valuable assets of a society. The whole society’s objective is to create a respectful and amiable social environment where seniors can share their life experiences, fulfill personal values, and lead a more respected and meaningful life. The reason for the community care station donation is that these stations are the essential bases for implementing “social involvement” and “aging in place.” Through the resources devoted from corporations, the goal is to improve community seniors’ mental and physical health, carry out communities’ functions of self-help and mutual support, and establish an operation independence system, making aging in place a reality.

The wisdom of aging is a required lesson for everyone. “Pension Platform” sticks to the principle of promoting correct financial management concepts and helping citizens elevate their financial knowledge for retirement planning. Indeed, an enjoyable retirement needs early preparation. To learn how to age joyfully, please go to the “Pension Platform:” https://www.fundrich.com.tw/event/pensionplatform/