TDCC's eNotice Platform Gaining Popularity - Nearly 1,000 Companies Signed Up, Over a Million Shareholders Opted In


In response to the government's initiative for achieving the 2050 net-zero emissions goal, TDCC launched the eNotice platform on June 30. The platform facilitates electronic notifications of dividend distributions for TWSE-listed, TPEx-listed, and emerging market companies. Since its launch, the platform has operated smoothly and received significant market response, with 300,000 investors registered and in agreement. Currently, 954 issuing companies have adopted the eNotice service, with over a million shareholders consenting to electronic notifications, showcasing remarkable progress.

eNotice Platform

TDCC has been actively promoting digitization in shareholder services to reduce overall market costs. Investors on the eNotice platform can easily check participating companies and confirm the schedule for electronic dividend notifications. This eliminates concerns about lost notification letters and ensures the privacy of personal financial information. After opting for the eNotice service, investors in companies that have a contract with TDCC can receive dividend notifications through email and the TDCC ePassbook app. The platform also offers features such as checking detailed dividend receival information and summarized dividend amounts, providing shareholders with clear and early insights for personal tax planning.

Mr. Te-Hsiang Chen, President of TDCC, expressed that in response to digital trends and investor demands, TDCC will continue to provide more convenient shareholder services to assist shareholders in achieving the goal of "Enjoying Dividends Better." To enhance the completeness of eNotice information, TDCC is collaborating with ETF issuers to introduce electronic notification services for ETF income distributions on the eNotice platform. This expansion aims to benefit a broader audience of ETF beneficiaries and is expected to go live in March next year.

TDCC invites investors to join the initiative through the TDCC ePassbook app or broker apps linked to "Shareholder eService." By selecting eNotice through simple application steps, investors can experience more convenient digital services and contribute to the transition towards net-zero emissions.

eNotice Section