The "TDCC ePassbook" App Wins Top Honor at the National Brand Yushan Award, Chairman Bing-Huei Lin Receives Presidential Recognition


The TDCC ePassbook App, offering investors an all-in-one inquiry platform for securities, funds, and banking asset integration, has received national acclaim by winning the top award in the "Best Popular Brand Category," on its first entry. On December 12th, TDCC Chairman Bing-Huei Lin accepted the award on behalf of TDCC and received recognition from President Tsai Ing-wen for the company's commitment to digital innovation and sustainable finance.

The "TDCC ePassbook" App Wins Top Honor at the National Brand Yushan Award, Chairman Bing-Huei Lin Receives Presidential Recognition

Chairman Lin emphasized that to promote financial innovation and meet investor needs, the TDCC ePassbook App provides diverse financial asset integration services. Investors can not only check the market value and transaction details of their securities but also access information on domestic and foreign fund assets purchased through investment trusts and fund distribution institutions. Additionally, users can view deposit balances and transaction details at 16 financial institutions, achieving the convenience of integrated financial information. Since its launch, the app has continuously upgraded its features and has garnered over 4.4 million users to date, with nearly 90% of stock investors applying for its use during account opening.

In line with the FSC's sustainable development policy to provide investors more diverse and efficient methods to receive shareholder services notifications, the TDCC ePassbook App has added functionalities related to eNotice this year, including application, inquiry, and push notification features. Investors can receive electronic dividend notices via email and check dividend amounts or shares through the ePassbook app. In October, an update allowed investors to apply for eNotice service during the registration of the TDCC ePassbook App, with approximately 77% of users opting for this streamlined process. This has significantly reduced the costs associated with mailing physical notices and proxy operations, contributing to financial ESG sustainable development.

Addressing the demand for integrated digital financial assets, TDCC continues to negotiate partnerships with more financial institutions to expand the number of linked banks, making financial management more convenient for investors. The current TDCC ePassbook App already provides investors with comprehensive information on securities, funds, bank deposits, and shareholder services information. Future developments will focus on expanding service scenarios to offer investors a more diverse and high-quality digital experience.