TDCC's Green Operation Paves the Way for Sustainability Aims to Achieve Net Zero Operations by 2030


To cope with the impact of climate change on sustainable operations, TDCC is responding by establishing a sustainable development governance framework under the guidance of the authorities. This includes the creation of a Sustainable Development Committee under the board of directors, which, on December 20th, passed the goal of "Scope 1 and 2 Net Zero Emissions by 2030." Through concrete action plans and implementation, TDCC declares its commitment to carbon reduction and strides toward sustainable development.

Bing-Huei Lin, Chairman of TDCC, stated that since 2017, TDCC has actively cultivated ESG sustainable financial services and climate governance, embodying the principles of sustainable development and environmental friendliness. In response to the global trend of sustainable net-zero emissions, starting with the ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gases inventory, TDCC has progressively promoted specific measures such as ISO 50001 energy management system, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, and climate-related financial disclosures. These initiatives align various business developments with international sustainability standards, demonstrating tangible results in ESG implementation.

TDCC's Green Operation Paves the Way for Sustainability

In terms of corporate governance, TDCC is aligning with the Financial Supervisory Commission's promotion of ESG policies for TWSE-listed and TPEx-listed companies. Besides establishing the Sustainable Development Committee, TDCC is outlining a roadmap for sustainable development strategies while enhancing corporate information transparency. Additionally, international cybersecurity frameworks have been implemented to strengthen cybersecurity joint defense and digital identity authentication, safeguarding the rights and assets of investors.

To achieve environmental sustainability, TDCC's carbon reduction efforts extend to various digital services, including the TDCC ePassbook App, Shareholder eService, and ESG IR Platform. These services reduce paper usage and carbon emissions associated with transportation in the capital market. The estimated carbon reduction for this year is over 15,000 tons, showcasing the significant benefits of digital carbon reduction. Since 2020, TDCC has consistently introduced green solutions, establishing an energy management system. This involves actions such as replacing lighting fixtures, temperature control, data center reconstruction, and expanding the use of green energy. Each year, TDCC releases an ESG report, verified by an impartial third party, to faithfully disclose relevant actions and ensure credibility.

In the social sphere, TDCC continues to contribute revenue to charity and financial education initiatives. This includes support for projects related to vulnerable populations, education, culture, and sports, allowing more people to share in the benefits of the financial market. Internally, TDCC actively cultivates a happy workplace, deepening employee career training programs, promoting trustful labor relations, and fostering a family-friendly workplace, earning recognition from various sectors.

Aligned with its four development visions of "Innovation," "Resilience," "Sustainability," and "Financial Inclusion," TDCC is dedicated to creating the most comprehensive and robust infrastructure. It continues to deepen its diverse green services, collaborating with the capital market to move towards ESG sustainable development and exerting positive financial influence.