TDCC Promotes Social Assistance for the Greater Good, Continues Blood Donation Event for 14 Consecutive Years


According to the latest statistics from the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation, blood inventory across Taiwan is low. In response to this blood shortage, TDCC organized the 14th annual blood donation charity event on December 22nd. TDCC called on its employees and the local community to generously donate blood, actively embodying the concept of social care through practical action.

TDCC has been actively involved in social welfare, donating 10,000 blood bags annually since 2010. Concurrently, the "Warmth in Winter, Blood Donation Spreading Love" campaign was organized. The blood donation events receive high recognition and enthusiastic response from nearby companies and their employees. Each year, the single-day blood donation surpasses 200 bags, giving warmth in the chilly winter. With 14 years of blood donation events, over 2,000 people have participated, accumulating a total of 650,000 cc in blood donations. The cumulative value of donated blood bags has exceeded NT$11 million, earning TDCC the Special Contribution Award from the Taipei Blood Center each year.

Additionally, TDCC's Charity Society coordinates with the blood donation activities, initiating a simultaneous charity sale. With the active participation of all employees, this year's charity sale involved collaborating with organizations such as the Down Syndrome Foundation, Taipei Autism Children Social Welfare Foundation, The Garden of Hope Foundation, Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation, and Victory Social Welfare Foundation. In addition to the charity sale, TDCC launched a fundraising campaign, with all proceeds donated to social welfare organizations.

TDCC Promotes Social Assistance for the Greater Good, Continues Blood Donation Event for 14 Consecutive Years

TDCC President, Te-Hsiang Chen(right)donates 10,000 blood bags to Taipei Blood Center on behalf of TDCC

Te-Hsiang Chen, President of TDCC, emphasized that the company has a long-standing commitment to caring for society and culture. Through three major initiatives - nurturing future financial talent, promoting rural education, and supporting vulnerable groups - TDCC actively responds to the needs of society. Given the recent significant temperature fluctuations, leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and a surge in blood demand at medical institutions, TDCC urges the public to show compassion, actively participate in blood donation, and contribute to mutual assistance for the greater good of society.