Green Investment Trend: TDCC's "Fund Clear" Promotes Sustainability on ESG Section


In recent years, domestic enterprises have strengthened their commitment to sustainable development, and asset management firms have actively promoted ESG principles, introducing a variety of ESG-themed funds. To assist investors in accessing comprehensive information on ESG funds, TDCC launched the new version of the "Fund Clear" on December 26, 2023. Additionally, they established a dedicated section for onshore and offshore ESG funds, providing categorized statistics on the scale, number, and percentage of ESG funds held by Taiwanese investors. According to statistics, ESG funds, both onshore and offshore, have shown significant growth in the past two years, making green ESG investments a new focal point in fund investment.

TDCC's "Fund Clear" Promotes Sustainability on ESG Section

According to the latest statistics from the ESG fund section of the Fund Clear, since the FSC approved the first batch of onshore ESG funds in July 2021, the number of onshore ESG funds has reached 47, with a total scale of NT$404.2 billion as of the end of November this year. Compared to the end of 2021, the proportion of ESG funds in the overall fund market has doubled from 2.4% to 6.3%, with ETF funds accounting for NT$341.2 billion, over 80% of the total scale of onshore ESG funds and a major driver of the rapid growth of ESG fund size domestically.

In the case of offshore ESG funds, since the approval of the first batch of offshore ESG funds in April 2022, the number of offshore ESG funds has reached 81, with a total scale of NT$85.6 billion as of the end of November this year, representing a significant increase of 24% from the end of last year. As ESG has become a global focus for companies, overseas fund distributors have actively introduced offshore ESG funds, capitalizing on the trend of green investments.

In response to the Financial Supervisory Commission's "Green Finance Action Plan" and the "Transition Strategies of Sustainable Development for Securities and Futures Sectors," securities investment trust and consulting firms have progressively incorporated ESG indicators into investment decision-making and product design. Whether in actively managed funds or ETFs, ESG-related thematic funds have emerged. Investors can now utilize the ESG fund section of the "Fund Clear" to easily access comprehensive information on funds. Furthermore, they can actively participate in the trend of green investments, contributing to the development of sustainable finance.

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