TDCC kick-starts Pre-Employment Financial Charity Program for University Students


TDCC’s highly expected 2020 (the sixth) Pre-Employment Financial Charity Program for University Students started officially on September 19 with a total of ten classes at nine universities in northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan. This year, 630 new graduates from 41 colleges and universities across Taiwan enrolled in the course. Dr. Huang Tien-Mu, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission visited Chihlee University of Technology to address some of the trainees.

In his remarks to the trainees, Dr. Huang said finding employment after graduation is crucial to young people from a family of moderate means wishing to improve their household financial status. Most of them choose to work part-time during studies to share the family expense or pay their own tuition, but this usually leads to uninspiring academic results and consequently undermines these students’ job prospects. The FSC chairman emphasized that the purpose of the Pre-Employment Financial Charity Program for University Students is to cultivate professionals for the financial industry, combining the spirit of charity with education to help students with a financially disadvantageous background to put their studies to good use and thrive after graduation.

TDCC Chairman & CEO Sherman Lin said TDCC has coordinated the arrangement of the course with the assistance of other financial institutions, securities and futures associations since 2015 to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. The course consists of several core modules that, upon completion, would help trainees pass professional certification exams so that they become more competitive in the job market. Job matching services are also provided to those that finish the course. The course has been well-received since its first launch in 2015 and the results have been remarkable. As such, TDCC decided to continue organizing the course in 2020.

The 2020 Pre-Employment Financial Charity Program for University Students spans from September 2020 to March 2021. The trainees will attend lectures and tutorials on weekends for a total of 170 hours. Lunch, books and certification exam expenses will be covered by the course organizer. In addition, the trainees will receive stipends during the training period. This is to make sure the trainees can focus on studies and not be distracted by financial burdens. The collaborating financial institutions and securities and futures associations will work closely with the hosting universities to ensure maximum effectiveness of the pre-employment training as the course is all about equipping the trainees with financial knowledge and professional skills that will come in handy. This is one of the many ways TDCC gives back to the society it operates in.