TDCC Hosted 2021 CTS Networking Week with Over 300 Participants


TDCC is a member of the Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG) Executive Committee with Chairman and CEO Sherman Lin taking the position as the Vice Chairman. In order to actively participate in ACG's operation to enhance Taiwan’s international visibility, TDCC hosted a five-day Online Networking Week running from September 23rd to 29th. A total of 29 institutions including ACG members, foreign custodian banks and information service providers attended the online event with over 300 participants. The ACG Networking Week event was a new initiative by TDCC, aim to provide a platform for ACG members to interact during the epidemic. It was also a warm-up activity for the 22nd Cross Training Seminar (CTS 22) next year. “The global CSD industry is facing the rapid change of financial technology, all the CSDs need to adopt digital and business innovations in order to provide more diverse, safe and efficient services. ACG members can learn global financial knowledge, the new business development roadmap and service trends by joining the Networking Week,” said Chairman and CEO Sherman Lin.

The six sessions’ themes focused on “New Risks Arising from Pandemic Situation in the CSDs Industry”, “E-voting and Electronic Shareholder Meeting Mechanisms”, “Investor E-access Services”, “Securities Nominal Holding”, “Recent Market Updates” and “Filling the Gap.” The ACG members are invited to share their experience and future outlook. The session, “Investor E-access Services,” was convened by TDCC. The discussion was on the rapid change of global financial industry . Digital transformation will also become the new trend in the financial world. Many CSDs were invited to share the latest update on digital services development, including Bursa Malaysia, KSD, SGX, TSD and VSD. TDCC also joined the “Recent Market Updates” convened by JASDEC and “Filling the Gap” convened by KSD. During the sessions, TDCC shared the latest development on “ePASSBOOK APP” and ESG. The participants all gave positive feedbacks.

TDCC has been actively involved in international affairs for many years. Chairman Lin served as ACG's vice chairman and a member of the World Forums of CSDs (WFC) board of directors. The goal was to make ACG a platform for co-prosperity for all the members. The purpose of holding this Networking week is to strengthen the friendship among members through cross-border learning, and establish an ecosystem of CSD services in the Asia-Pacific region. TDCC will continue to host the 22nd Cross Training Seminar (CTS 22) next year to actively promote cross-border interactions, expand international relations, and showcase Taiwan’s high-quality image of diversified innovation and sustainable development.