TDCC’s Joy Is Fun Carnival: Outfits of Generations Livened up Huashan


TDCC’s Joy Is Fun Carnival took place in Huashan 1914 Creative Park with a bustling and lively atmosphere. At the park, there were endless laughter and cheers. Cheerleader Girls’ performance radiated energy and passion; outfit catwalk contestants showed their creativity to the fullest. As sharp-suited “All Citizens’ Uncle,” Luo Shi-Feng, who endorsed the Pension Platform, went on stage, the audience’s enthusiasm reached a climax. In the park, retro stands of traditional snacks, pinball games, and ring toss games made people linger for more fun and delicacy. They kept exclaiming, ”Traditional snacks are delicious!” and “Retro style is fun!”

According to Sherman Lin, Chairman & CEO of TDCC, as the aging society gets closer, everyone should commence planning for their late adulthood as early as possible. In response to the government’s policies, TDCC has cooperated with financial institutes and launched the Pension Platform, providing funds suitable for long-term investment for pension and protective insurance policies. In addition, the company launched the Enjoyable Aging Donation Project. By contributing to HONDAO Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation and other social welfare groups and organizing relevant events, TDCC has elevated citizens’ awareness of the aging society and retirement preparation.

Dr. Tien-Mu Huang, Chairperson of the FSC, also joined the Joy Is Fun Carnival. He encouraged citizens to conduct financial planning for retirement to enjoy aging with ease in their late adulthood. The chairperson also took photos with the representatives benefitting from the Enjoyable Aging Donation Project.


The theme of the Joy Is Fun Carnival was “Retro Style Competition in Huashan,” featuring outfit and catwalk competition. Citizens were invited to wear trendy attires of their parents’ and grandparents’ times and walk on the runway. All 128 contestants wore retro outfits treasured deep inside their closets with confidence. At the event venue, there was a display of the annual accomplishments of social welfare groups benefitting from the Enjoyable Aging Donation Project. The recruitment of volunteers also took place, so people willing to volunteer are welcome to participate for creating a friendly and secure service environment for the elderly.

The wisdom of aging is a required lesson each individual must have. The Pension Platform aims to promote right financial management concepts and raise people’s awareness of retirement planning. A delightful retirement depends on early preparation. To learn how to age joyfully, please go to the Pension Platform: https://www.fundrich.com.tw/event/pensionplatform/