TDCC Introduces Voting Disclosure Service on Each Separate Proposal, Advancing ESG Services to the Next Level


In the "CG Watch 2023" report released by the Asian Corporate Governance Association on December 13th, Taiwan achieved its best-ever ranking, tying for 3rd place with Singapore among the 12 markets in Asia, trailing only behind Australia and Japan. Seizing this momentum, TDCC has launched the "Shareholder Meeting Voting Disclosure Service on Each Separate Proposal" and a series of advanced ESG investment screening features on the TDCC ESG IR platform. This initiative represents a further step forward in promoting responsible investment practices in Taiwan.

Currently, many institutional investors globally disclose their voting decisions and rationales on each separate proposal after shareholder meetings, fulfilling their corporate governance duties. The Asian Corporate Governance Association has long advocated for such disclosure on each separate proposal to be considered a standard practice in Asian markets. Taiwan has responded positively, with a significant number of institutional investors disclosing their voting results on each separate proposal. However, due to the lack of a unified disclosure format and data platform, utilizing this information has been challenging for external parties.

TDCC points out that the "Shareholder Meeting Voting Disclosure Service on Each Separate Proposal" will offer institutional investors a comprehensive disclosure system. Institutional investors can use this system to maintain information such as voting rationales and speech records, streamlining the disclosure process and significantly enhancing disclosure quality. Institutions not willing to disclose on each separate proposal can opt for temporary "aggregate disclosure" while still benefiting from the convenience of the service.

TDCC Introduces Voting Disclosure Service on Each Separate Proposal

Te-Hsiang Chen, President of TDCC, emphasizes that as one of the major ESG service providers in Taiwan, TDCC will continuously strengthen related services to meet the diverse needs of institutional investors in the ESG investment process. The newly launched voting disclosure service on each separate proposal is expected to be another milestone in corporate governance in Taiwan.

Additionally, to assist institutional investors in implementing responsible investment practices, TDCC is introducing a series of ESG screening features. These include product screening tracking, controversy screening tracking, and rating screening tracking, catering to various screening needs of investors. Following the recent release of the first "Code of Conduct for ESG Ratings Providers" in Taiwan, TDCC will engage in more collaborations and dialogues with domestic and international rating agencies in the coming year, promoting the healthy development of the ESG investment ecosystem.

ESG IR platform website: https://irplatform.tdcc.com.tw