TDCC's “Fund Clear” Undergoes a Complete Evolution, Inspiring a Fresh Perspective on Fund Information


The TDCC’s Fund Clear, jointly developed by TDCC, the Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association, and the Futures Association, underwent a comprehensive redesign on December 26. The updated platform presents fund information in a refreshed style, employing intuitive and visual elements for a more engaging experience for investors.

TDCC's “Fund Clear” Undergoes a Complete Evolution, Inspiring a Fresh Perspective on Fund Information

TDCC's President, Te-Hsiang Chen, emphasized TDCC's continuous efforts in cultivating the fund industry through initiatives like the Fund Transaction Platform and the Onshore Fund Centralized Clearing Platform. The revamped "Fund Clear" boasts enhanced functionality with more intuitive and convenient queries. It continues to expand educational content on funds, reinforcing investor protection and advancing inclusive finance.

TDCC's "Fund Clear" encompasses comprehensive information about the fund market. This redesign includes four main features:

Style Revamp for Seamless Cross-Device Display

A modernized UI/UX design ensures a contemporary homepage style that seamlessly adapts to various devices. Whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile, investors can enjoy a smooth user experience.

Intuitive Graphics for Clear Fund Information

The new design employs intuitive and visual elements to present fund information, data, and statistics clearly, enhancing readability and user convenience. Interactive fund information charts make it easier for investors to grasp fund dynamics.

Easy Navigation with Featured Content

Addition of themed sections like ESG Funds, Data & Statistics, and Investment Education allows investors to quickly find content of interest. The improved search function supports multi-keyword queries and fuzzy searches, making it more convenient and efficient for investors to find the desired fund information based on different criteria.

Investment Education for Financial Inclusion

TDCC collaborates with domestic associations and asset management entities to promote educational concepts like dollar-cost averaging investment, retirement planning, and anti-fraud in investments. The platform features professional articles and educational videos on fund investment to enhance investor knowledge and safeguard against investment fraud.

Looking ahead, TDCC plans to continue leveraging the power of "digital" and "data" to provide more diverse fund information services, supporting the ongoing development of the fund industry and shaping a more comprehensive fund service ecosystem.

TDCC's Fund Clear:https://www.fundclear.com.tw