TDCC Thrives in the Year of the Dragon, Unleashing Innovative Opportunities in 2024


In 2023, buoyed by market growth and innovative services, TDCC witnessed diversified business expansion and increased service capacity. The total market value of securities under custody reached NT$85.37 trillion, a notable 24.5% increase from the previous year. The overall settlement and clearing operations for stocks, bonds, bills, and funds amounted to NT$180.8 trillion, marking a 9.7% growth and showcasing remarkable results.

Despite a modest economic growth estimate of 1.4% for Taiwan by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics in 2023, influenced by international economic conditions and interest rate hikes, the capital market demonstrated robust resilience. The daily trading values on the TWSE-listed, TPEx-listed and emerging market stock markets, totaling NT$361.9 billion, witnessed an 18% increase. Additionally, the securities and futures industry recorded profits of NT$99.8 billion, a substantial 50% growth from the previous year, highlighting the vibrancy of the overall market.

Looking ahead to 2024, despite global economic uncertainties, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests that the likelihood of an economic hard landing has decreased, given the easing of inflation and stable economic growth. Furthermore, major domestic and international institutions predict Taiwan's economic growth to exceed 3% this year, indicating a robust recovery that positions the financial market as a crucial driver of economic transformation.

TDCC Chairman Bing-Huei wishes everyone a happy new year

TDCC Chairman Bing-Huei Lin stated that the long-term goal is to enable inclusive financial growth for all through the development and application of innovative finance. In 2024, TDCC will continue to focus on three major aspects: "Innovative Inclusivity," "Smart Resilience," and "Sustainable Development," driving market development and planning various concrete initiatives:

Expand Innovative Businesses for Inclusive Finance

TDCC will enhance its core business through digital transformation to meet the market's digital needs. Initiatives include a comprehensive conversion of the eSMART digital book-entry transfer platform, the development of book-entry transfer functionalities for stock market settlement and clearing, and for securities transfer under same ID and the provision of electronic notification services for ETF profit distribution. TDCC will continue to promote the Onshore Fund Centralized Clearing Platform and plan a centralized payment system for fund redemption and subscription for clients of investment trust companies. A more diverse and convenient channel to apply for the TDCC ePassbook was also provided to the investors. This highlights the new value of inclusive finance.

Implement Intelligent Information for Enhanced Cybersecurity Resilience

TDCC will deepen its application of AI innovations, introducing generative AI tools to empower employees and optimize application scenarios for participants. The company will establish an open financial data sharing platform, offering various visualization and data services to help regulatory authorities enhance supervisory efficiency. TDCC will also construct a new data center infrastructure to strengthen the operational security of computer rooms and the functions of the Security Operations Center (SOC), boosting the financial industry's cybersecurity defense capabilities.

Drive Impact in Green Finance for Sustainable Development

TDCC will establish a carbon emission reporting platform for the financial industry, providing a channel for carbon emission reporting and assisting regulatory authorities in supervision. Additionally, the company will offer digital production services for institutional investors to generate corporate governance reports, enhancing the quality of ESG information disclosure and promoting responsible investment. TDCC is actively working towards achieving net-zero emissions in Scope 1 and 2 categories by 2030, contributing to sustainable finance.

Looking forward, TDCC will continue to deepen its four major visions of "Innovation," "Resilience," "Inclusivity," and "Sustainability." Through innovative and cross-industry approaches, the company will upgrade and expand services and experiences, foster a mutually beneficial corporate culture, and expand AI innovation applications to build a more outstanding financial infrastructure, solidifying operational resilience to face market changes.