Employee Compensation and Benefits

  To attract talents and retain top employees, a compensation system exceeding legal requirements and employee benefits are our basic commitment. TDCC treats employees as partners and family members, offering excellent salary conditions, diverse benefits, and a fully sustainable and inclusive care system. We ensure employees could balance life and work, enjoying each day at TDCC. We also hope to have an effect on society by promoting this spirit, and enhance workplace care and benefits overall.

Compensation Policy

  To solidify the competitive advantage in top talents, we have set up fair and competitive salaries according to educational background in an open and transparent manner. Employees from different levels are not treated differently due to their genders, and a female-to-male salary ratio of 1:1 is the realization of workplace gender equality. In 2018, all employees had their salaries adjusted by 3% in line with government policy.

Workplace Review and Promotion

  In order to implement review system and proper performance evaluation, increase employee business experience and broaden work horizon, regulations on review, promotion and rotation have been established.