Employee Compensation and Benefits

Compensation Policy

  Talent is the foundation of the enterprise, it is indeed the unbreakable truth, therefore TDCC has established a fair, reasonable, and competitive salary system, which is based on individual academic qualifications and is open and transparent in order to strengthen the competitive advantage of attracting high-quality talents. On the other hand, we also hope to set a good example and fulfill corporate care responsibilities. Employees from different levels are not treated differently due to their genders, and a female-to-male salary ratio of 1:1 is the realization of workplace gender equality.

Workplace Equality We place even more emphasis on gender equality and mutual respect in the workplace. We have formulated the "Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention, Complaints and Disciplinary Measures." Sexual harassment complaint channels were established, for example: a dedicated hotline, fax number, and email. The relevant information is published in noticeable locations in the workplace. In addition, a Committee on Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases is formed by representatives from both the employers and employees to deal with these cases.

Employee Benefits

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