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Date2024/02/26 Title Enjoying ETF Income Distributions and Embracing ESG Together, Multiple Benefits with the Grand Launch of eNotice by TDCC
Date2024/02/22 Title TDCC Hosts ACG Investor Services Task Force Workshop, Showcasing Taiwan's Sustainable Financial Achievements in Funds Area
Date2024/02/15 Title TDCC Thrives in the Year of the Dragon, Unleashing Innovative Opportunities in 2024
Date2024/01/23 Title New Benchmark for Corporate Governance: 7 Domestic Institutions Take the Lead in Disclosing Shareholders Meeting Voting Results
Date2024/01/19 Title TDCC Achieves Outstanding Operational Performance through Active Digital Innovation in 2023
Date2024/01/04 Title Review of the Taiwan Stock Market in 2023: Surge in New Accounts among Those Aged 19 and Below, Unveiling the Stock Market Favorites of the Year
Date2024/01/03 Title Eight Highlights from TDCC in 2023, Setting a Historic High in Custodial Market Value
Date2024/01/02 Title TDCC Deepens Engagement in Fund Market - Entrusted with Review the Public Offering and Issuance of Securities Investment Trust Funds Starting from 2024
Date2023/12/29 Title Milestone in Open Securities: Securities, Futures, and Investment Trust & Consulting Industries All Fully Online to Provide Services
Date2023/12/28 Title Green Investment Trend: TDCC's "Fund Clear" Promotes Sustainability on ESG Section
Date2023/12/26 Title TDCC's “Fund Clear” Undergoes a Complete Evolution, Inspiring a Fresh Perspective on Fund Information
Date2023/12/25 Title TDCC Introduces Voting Disclosure Service on Each Separate Proposal, Advancing ESG Services to the Next Level
Date2023/12/22 Title TDCC Promotes Social Assistance for the Greater Good, Continues Blood Donation Event for 14 Consecutive Years
Date2023/12/20 Title TDCC's Green Operation Paves the Way for Sustainability Aims to Achieve Net Zero Operations by 2030
Date2023/12/14 Title The "TDCC ePassbook" App Wins Top Honor at the National Brand Yushan Award, Chairman Bing-Huei Lin Receives Presidential Recognition
Date2023/12/11 Title TDCC's eNotice Platform Gaining Popularity - Nearly 1,000 Companies Signed Up, Over a Million Shareholders Opted In
Date2023/12/08 Title TDCC and KSD Collaborate for Mutual Exchange, Creating Opportunities for Innovative Development
Date2023/12/07 Title First-ever Domestic Release of Code of Conduct for ESG Ratings Providers, TDCC Promotes Rating Transparency
Date2023/12/01 Title TDCC's Commitment to Building a Happy Workplace Recognized with the 2023 Parenting Friendly Workplace Award by CommonWealth Magazine Group
Date2023/11/16 Title TDCC's Wholehearted Commitment to Arts and Culture Recognized with the Prestigious Arts & Business Awards from the Ministry of Culture