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Date2022/05/30 Title TDCC Establishes a Situation Room for Effective Monitoring During the Peak of Live-Streamed Shareholder Meetings
Date2022/05/13 Title Walsin Lihwa Holds Its Live-Stream-Aided Shareholder Meeting to Demonstrate Its Corporate Governance and Digitalization Practices
Date2022/05/13 Title TDCC Onshore Fund Centralized Settlement System Facilitates Efficiency and Competitiveness for Fund Market
Date2022/05/12 Title TDCC's E-Voting for Online Shareholder Meetings Proves Effective in Fight Against COVID-19
Date2022/05/12 Title Multiple Policies Contribute to Taiwan Stock Market’s Investing Population Rejuvenation
Date2022/05/11 Title Help Contain the Pandemic and Report Illegal Proxy Purchases during Shareholder Meeting Season
Date2022/05/11 Title Investors Are Encouraged to Inquire About Their Central Depository Data Online Due to the Pandemic
Date2022/05/09 Title Video-aided shareholder meeting well received by financial firms with King’s Town Bank taking the lead
Date2022/04/26 Title Taiwan stock museum is closed from Apr. 27, 2022
Date2022/04/26 Title PSMC Takes Lead to Use TDCC's Shareholder Virtual Meeting Platform
Date2022/04/26 Title COVID-19 Continues to Spread; Disease Prevention Measures for Shareholder Meetings Are Never Slack
Date2022/04/18 Title TDCC Displays Digital Achievements and Cybersecurity Readiness in the Citi Forum to Attract Foreign Investment
Date2022/04/15 Title COVID-free ways to Attend Shareholder Meetings? E-Voting Has You Covered
Date2022/03/29 Title Ten most popular ETFs with Taiwanese investors following dollar-cost averaging strategy
Date2022/03/15 Title Software and Hardware Purchase
Date2022/03/02 Title [Announcement] TDCC 2021 Internal Control System Statement for Anti-money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing Passed on February 23 2022 in 11th Board of directors Meeting (33th time).
Date2022/03/02 Title Fund investment made easier with TDCC’s Fund Clear
Date2022/03/01 Title Taiwan's ESG dashboard to include S&P Global ESG scores in 2022
Date2022/02/22 Title TDCC enables online access to account data via IC bank card
Date2022/02/17 Title Software and Hardware Maintenance