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Date2022/08/01 Title TDCC wins international awards for the third consecutive year
Date2022/07/29 Title Onshore Fund Centralized Settlement System Drives Market Upgrades
Date2022/07/26 Title Software and Hardware Purchase
Date2022/06/30 Title A New Digital Era for Shareholder Meetings: 72 Issuers Successfully Run Hybrid Meetings
Date2022/06/29 Title Data Reporting Go Completely Granular and One-Track System Makes Things Easier and More Efficient
Date2022/06/28 Title TDCC ePASSBOOK Extends Scope of Services with Asset Management Integration Features
Date2022/06/27 Title In the Post-Pandemic Era, the Last Mile of Bills Slip Electronic Delivery Achieved Through Collective Efforts
Date2022/06/24 Title 2022 Annual General Meeting of TDCC
Date2022/06/21 Title 11 Companies Run Successful Hybrid Shareholder Meetings on the Same Day
Date2022/06/16 Title TDCC hosts AFSF online with over 100 attendees
Date2022/06/13 Title TDCC Adroitly Deploys Multiple Channels, Encouraging Shareholders to Adopt E-Voting
Date2022/06/09 Title Be Your Own Investor! Fund Subscription Value of the TDCC Platform Again Reaches a Record High and Subscriptions Through Dollar-Cost Averaging Grow Beyond Expectations
Date2022/05/30 Title TDCC Establishes a Situation Room for Effective Monitoring During the Peak of Live-Streamed Shareholder Meetings
Date2022/05/13 Title Walsin Lihwa Holds Its Live-Stream-Aided Shareholder Meeting to Demonstrate Its Corporate Governance and Digitalization Practices
Date2022/05/13 Title TDCC Onshore Fund Centralized Settlement System Facilitates Efficiency and Competitiveness for Fund Market
Date2022/05/12 Title TDCC's E-Voting for Online Shareholder Meetings Proves Effective in Fight Against COVID-19
Date2022/05/12 Title Multiple Policies Contribute to Taiwan Stock Market’s Investing Population Rejuvenation
Date2022/05/11 Title Help Contain the Pandemic and Report Illegal Proxy Purchases during Shareholder Meeting Season
Date2022/05/11 Title Investors Are Encouraged to Inquire About Their Central Depository Data Online Due to the Pandemic
Date2022/05/09 Title Video-aided shareholder meeting well received by financial firms with King’s Town Bank taking the lead